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The truth about Sunscreens

Recently, I shared this post and video about the dangers of not using Sunscreen.  If you plan on going outside today (or any day for that matter)….watch this video and you will never again leave the house without proper sunscreen protection.  It’s that convincing…


Now, after watching this compelling and honestly, frightening video you might re-consider the notion that sunscreens are just for the summer or that long sought-after beach vacation?  Well, now you’ll definitely think again! Your skin is bombarded daily by harmful UV rays even while running errands on an overcast day.  To keep your skin looking it’s best, daily use of sunscreens is a definite MUST!

It is definitely never too early to start incorporating it into your daily beauty regimen, not only to protect your skin from aging, but also to protect it from skin cancer.  So then, problem solved… just head out and purchase the first one you come across?  Think again!  There are so many Sunscreens on the market these days, enough to make your head spin.  But which one should I choose?

How important the proper Sunscreen is to your Fertility

Think all types of sunscreens are alike?  They are most certainly not.  The most popular products on the market today are heavy laden with chemicals upon chemicals that impact your hormones and can actually cause cancer instead of prevent it.  How is this possible?  Quite possible when you realize that our patrolling watchdog, the FDA, is very slow on the uptake and seems to bend and conform more to corporations than to the public they are supposed to protect.  Many chemicals in sunscreens are banned worldwide because study after study shows their detrimental health effects on not just our fertility but our wellbeing overall. However, they still remain the most active and main ingredients when you buy that available sunscreen at your local store.  We’ve researched for you the most dangerous ingredients out there as showcased in our four part series.    We also have discussed in great detail the difference between Chemical vs. Mineral/Natural Sunscreens and how they can affect your Fertility, in this informative article.   There truly is a difference between the two.  Once realizing just how important it is to only use the most natural and safest products available on the market, let’s start exploring our many different options!

Our Sunscreen Reviews

We are committed to providing you with the latest reviews on the best, all natural products on the market today, this includes sunscreens.  We are very familiar with the EWG.org’s assessment of not only sunscreens but all matter of products on the market today, and will educate ourselves but not always agree with their assessment.  Our fertility is a very delicate ecosystem, needing great care and safekeeping.  Ingredients listed as “safe” from other sites don’t necessarily make our cut.  Our commitment to providing truly healthier and safer alternatives to commercially available brands is steadfast and we strive to accurately provide you with the most up-to-date information.  Which products won’t affect your fertility and won’t leave harmful by-products floating in your bloodstream at the end of the day.  Our goal is to provide with the best options so that you can make the most informed decision before your purchase.

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