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Success Story!

The road to our babies sometimes feels like it will never happen.  Couple that with actual doctors telling us it is nearly impossible (or impossible as in our case) and you start to feel like this was a dream you weren’t meant to have.  Don’t believe it! You have this dream in your heart for a reason and it isn’t random…it’s Fate, believe in this instead.

I am so jubilant and inspired to share with you the story of my good friend who overcame every odd and every naysayer to becoming a mommy all over again!  This after so many years of hearing that she would never conceive another child.

Read this and be Inspired!


by Christy Wilson Bosher

One year ago today at 9:30ish my phone rang. What followed went something like this:
“I got your blood tests back… Is cleve there with you?”
“Ummm no. Why??”
“Well… (Insert world’s longest pause) You’re pregnant.”
Without flinching I replied, “Just tell me what it really is. I can take it” because five years (and lots of poking and prodding) prior we had been told “we’re so sorry… but, there will be no more babies”.
So, as much as I love my doc, this conversation could only be described as absolute lunacy. Crazy talk. Legit crazy. And yet off to the races were we. We got on a roller coaster that started with an “inconclusive” ultrasound, doc visits and doubts and got off with this very tiny human who still fills me with shock and awe these many months later.
I share this because sometimes it’s good to know miracles really do happen (and because who doesn’t love a cute baby pic on their newsfeed??). I also share this to encourage kindness. Fertility is very personal… And can be very painful. Whether someone has one kid, ten kids, no kids, is up to them. Our family has gone from “when are y’all going to have kids?” to “why do y’all only have one kid?” and now “why did you wait to have kids so far apart?” and even “aren’t y’all a little old for this??”. Those people you know who have been married 10 years and don’t have kids? Maybe they don’t want kids, or maybe they’ve been at the doc every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 years trying to make it happen, or maybe it’s physically impossible. And NONE of it is easy. So before you ask any questions just consider that the answer you are given might be more than you bargained for. Just something to think about.


Thank you Christy for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story! May God bless your wonderful family!

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