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Why change beauty products?

Did you know that your beauty products can be just as toxic to your fertility? Find out how to protect yourself.


Those products you use on a daily basis are capable of affecting your already uphill battle to overcoming Infertility.  Many cosmetics, shampoos and lotions can contain hormone and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can affect egg quality and sperm quality and, unlike for food additives and drugs, cosmetic companies aren’t required to test their products for safety before they are sold. 

The commercial products on the market today are laden with such toxic components like sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, lead, dioxins and formaldehyde (yes, that too!) just to name a few.  Each of these are known reproductive disruptors and are toxic to your and your male partner’s overall reproductive health.

Thankfully, some of us are aware of this hazard and instead have opted to spend wiser and purchase “organic” and “natural” products currently offered everywhere from your specialty store, online and even at the local drugstore.  We feel that now it’s easier than ever to avoid these chemicals in “ordinary” beauty products because we’re better informed and are making better buying choices.  But are we really? I became an advocate of these organic and natural beauty brands quite a bit ago but over time, became curious as to how safe they really were, especially to those of us with an already taxed reproductive system.

What I found was actually quite surprising and disheartening, to say the least.  Some of these so-called “safe” and “natural” products may only contain a small variety of organic ingredients and then also be coupled with dangerous chemicals (yes, chemicals are also in “organic” and “natural” beauty products) that can greatly hinder your fertility.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only the large, commercially known brands are the sneaky ones doing this disservice.  In my research, I’ve found that a lot of beauty companies, both large and small, are equally guilty unfortunately.  I don’t understand it either except that perhaps it makes sense to the companies’ bottom dollar but definitely doesn’t aid us who look to these “natural” products as safer alternatives when in fact, they might be just as harmful as the non-natural ones.  This revelation prompted me to start my fertility-safe product reviews which give you the rundown on all manner of products you may be interested in purchasing and if they are, in fact, non-impactful to your reproductive health.

We at Achieve Conceive wholeheartedly believe that to conquer your fertility issues, you need to attack from all angles.  We are committed to always providing you with the latest information and have taken the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your fertility.  By eliminating products that can cause major obstacles in your ability to conceive, you are taking charge of your illness and helping your body become the most fertile it can be.

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