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Needing Personalized Guidance? Consider my one-on-one phone consultations….

Margo Ramirez- Fertility Coach

Margo Ramirez- Fertility Journey Coach

I know how stressful your Infertility journey has been thus far and I can certainly understand the frustrations you must be feeling. Perhaps you’re starting to consider your first (or even third) IVF, whether to incorporate alternative forms of treatment (Acupuncture) into your journey or considering hiring a gestational carrier and bypassing your uterus all together.

So many scenarios, questions and possible treatments to consider, it can become overwhelming. Asking your current R.E. becomes the logical source, of course, but what about other options that perhaps they don’t consider or offer that you’re interested in knowing more about or even incorporating?  What if you have consulted with your Reproductive Endocrinologist and a treatment plan is in the works but you have numerous questions that you forget to ask or don’t even know to ask?  What about new cutting edge treatments and research that’s being developed that perhaps your Reproductive Endocrinologist doesn’t practice or consider but that of which you would like to explore?

I know the road you’re traveling because I was on it myself.  In fact, I travelled it for over 12 long and exhausting years and learned so much along the way.  The world of A.R.T. (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), Acupuncture, Medicinal herbs, Supplementation, R.E. (Reproductive Endocrinologist) Consultations, I.V.F.’s (Invitro Fertilizations), Gestational Surrogacy, etc. Not only did I learn about these topics but experienced all of these issues and more firsthand in my over a decade-long path to motherhood.

Given the huge emotional, financial, psychological and physical toll infertility already brings, what if you could have someone help you navigate the waters and avoid “pitfalls” that can cost you dearly if not circumvented?  What if you had an “Fertility Journey Coach” who could offer you the insider’s information on all things related to this difficult journey and open your world up to new possibilities which could finally yield an end to this long and arduous road you’re traveling?  Someone who can empower you with knowledge and insight so you can feel confident that the decisions you make day in, day out are leading you closer to success and finally back in control?  With over 15 years of fertility research and firsthand experience, I am here to make your entire journey, from beginning to final resolution, as manageable as possible.

Consider my One-on-One phone consultations

I can help you:

  1. Verify insurance coverage to make sure you are adequately prepared financially for testing, procedures and treatments your doctor may recommend.
  2. Ensure that all insurance pre-certifications and requirements are followed so as to avoid “non-payment” or “claim rejections” in the near future.
  3. Find the right clinic for you by reviewing and comparing different clinics in your area (and others nationally in the U.S.). Remember, just like in life itself, no two clinics or doctors are ever the same.
  4. Gather, organize and highlight for your physician pertinent medical information so we can adequately prepare you for your R.E. consultation.
  5. Prepare for your upcoming visit by documenting and reviewing important questions to ask your R.E. relevant to your particular case.
  6. Advise you how to adequately record all your doctor has recommended and stated during your visit, which in many cases unfortunately, is a too brief and concise appointment.
  7. To interpret your consultation into “layman’s terms” so you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about complex medical treatments and terms and know what to expect in the coming cycle.
  8. Report to your doctor any new and cutting edge treatment options available and the possibility of incorporating them into your own treatment plan.
  9. Suggest alternative therapies and treatments i.e. Acupuncture, medicinal herbs, supplementation with which your doctor might or might not apply on a usual basis.
  10. Recommend the latest in supplementation for your particular case and help you present the findings to your doctor.
  11. Understand what each post-consultation diagnostic test is, what they mean and why they were recommended.
  12. Help you understand in detail what to expect on a daily basis from an IVF and what each day’s appointments’ results mean for your cycle.
  13. Know when and if a second opinion is necessary and how to maneuver switching clinics without offending your original doctor.
  14. Resolve any billing issues which may arise.
  15. Find an infertility therapist/counselor in your area who understands the difficulties you are facing and can help you find healthy and stress-relieving ways to deal with your infertility.
  16. Find a gestational carrier and help you step by step with all that this complex process entails.

Achieve Conceive is here to help you and support you every step of the way!  Our calls are conducted either via Skype or via phone (your preference) with both morning and afternoon appointments available for your convenience.

Some individuals require just 1-2 Consultations to feel more empowered and confident in their decision-making process.  Others may find a weekly phone session is needed for their more complicated cases.  Whatever you decide, I will help you avoid the mistakes and offer you an insider’s valuable advice saving you precious time, money and emotional hardship as best as I can.

Cost- $150.00 for a hour personalized session.  To reserve your consultation, click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button on the lower right-hand side of your screen.

Best wishes,