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Who are we?

I am an active, positive and trusted source in the health-related blogging community.  My website is a destination for women and men looking for the latest information, medications, treatments, and advancements in the care and management of Infertility, and most importantly, the friendly voice of encouragement and hope from a former patient in the exact same trenches.

My highly engaged community of readers are women and men ages 25-50 from middle and upper-middle class economic tiers. They look to me to bring them trusted and innovative information on advancements in both medical and homeopathic treatments.  I’m also very passionate about “connecting the dots” so to speak in highlighting new avenues of managing and hopefully curing a variety of infertility-related illnesses and offering hope and answers where none might have been offered previously.

Our online engagement:

I am very active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest) and engage several times per month with my target audience on 30+ Facebook Infertility community groups (average member sizes ranging from 1K-10K). I also actively engage my readers by promoting new posts, videos and promotions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

By way of strategic SEO and unique content, my popular “series” posts (a campaign which highlights one specific topic and features 4-5 posts/series) have ranked on the first pages of Google.

Additionally, I am an active contributor on Infertility forums and provide insight, firsthand experience and latest information for a variety of Infertility-related topics.

What sets us apart?

The firsthand knowledge and experience offered by me and my detailed and meticulously researched blog articles on a variety of topics related to all factors which can, and do, affect Fertility.  My posts vary from the latest medical advancements, pharmaceuticals, to even DIY fertility enhancements in all things natural health and wellness.

I offer a unique perspective on the topics I highlight and have the ability to connect with my audience and gain their attention and trust.

My own 12 yearlong journey has shown me the necessity to seek answers “outside the box” and provide information and connections between diseases which might not have otherwise been traditionally linked.