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Fertility Boosting Supplements


Now that you’re on your way to bettering your fertile health and discovering more about what you can do to increase your chances, now is the time to seriously consider taking supplements as well.  Just as you’re changing your diet and lifestyle to give your body more of what it needs to perform at peak levels, there are certain daily supplements that can increase your fertility immensely as well.  I know that by now you must have heard from your doctor how important it is to start taking a pre-natal vitamin as you’re trying to have a baby.  It ensures that he/she will have the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow healthily. Very sound advice and one that should be followed, for sure.

But what about those of us having a tough time even getting to that point?  Is there anything I can take proactively that would help me to actually become pregnant?

When I first started my journey, I asked my doctor about what I could take in the form of vitamins or supplements to better increase my chances.  He didn’t have much additional advice to offer (besides the pre-natal vitamins) and said that I should just also follow a good diet and make healthy lifestyle choices.  That was it.  However, after suffering through two consecutive miscarriages within a five year span, I knew that even though I had changed my diet, what I was doing was just not enough and that I needed to do more.  I decided that I would do extensive research on my own to find out what I could about supplements and their affect on Fertility.  The information that I learned made me feel empowered again and gave me the added hope I was sorely missing.

Can taking Supplements really increase your Fertility? You’ll be amazed with our findings.

I learned that there are a number of supplements that have been used for years by Homeopathic practitioners in aiding women who suffer from Infertility.  These supplements are widely available, inexpensive, and are found to be safe and beneficial to a woman’s fertile health.  They are known to bring much-needed blood flow to the uterus, increase egg health development, regulate hormone levels, and provide essential antioxidant properties to the reproductive area and to the body as a whole.  Even if someone isn’t looking to conceive, certain supplements would be invaluable in ensuring the body is running at optimal levels and is being protected from free radicals, thereby providing the necessary micronutrients to protect it against disease.

Have you heard about how Maca, Inostitol, L-Arginine, Chasteberry (to name a few), can add a much needed boost to your Fertility by repairing oxidative damage caused by aging, poor diet, and environmental toxins?  How they can turn a “Poor responder” in IVF terms to a good producer of eggs?  How beneficial they can be to those who suffer from PCOS?  How they can aid in regulating your hormones and normal ovulation?  These and other benefits are yours by incorporating these supplements into your daily routine.

Ideally, you and your partner will begin these supplements together.  It definitely takes both of you to make a baby and inform him that he will also benefit from the fertility-boosting properties these supplements provide to both men and women.  You can start your supplements at any time but remember that it takes a minimum of three (3) months to see any noted changes.  It takes 90 days for your eggs to mature and be selected for ovulation which means that you want to do all you can within those 90 days to make sure the eggs your ovaries select are of the very best quality!  In men, waiting an average 2-3 months to give the body time to start the healing process will help to improve sperm motility and sperm count.

Are you starting to feel more empowered?  Great!  It’s always good to try something different, something unexpected, because something different will inevitably occur.

Ready to start?  In considering which supplements to incorporate into your routine, it might seem a bit overwhelming when you see the long list below.  You’ll inevitably ask if you are truly supposed to bombard yourself with all of these suggestions!?  That is up to you, of course, but do a little research and find out which ones might benefit your particular condition.

Better yet visit our Community and ask others what their advice might be or message me and I’ll do the research for you.

Do I really take these every day?  The answer is yes, I do (for the most part).  Even though my husband and I aren’t actively trying to become pregnant, I still feel and look healthier when I’m on my “regimen” as I call it.  I do take a months-long “break” every now and then from certain supplements (i.e. Maca and Chasteberry) to give my body a chance to function on its own after reaping the healing benefits.  But, I always return to my supplementation eventually because I know I’m doing something good for my body and I want to keep doing all I can to maintain myself as healthy and as fertile for as long as possible.

Here is my list of recommended supplements in order of importance and recommended dosage.  Please remember, though, that before beginning any supplementation, you consult with your physician to make sure there are no health issues which may be affected by some or all of these supplements.


• Myo Inostol – 2gm twice per day
• Melatonin 3mg at bedtime. CONTRAINDICATION: any person taking thyroid medication should not be taking Melatonin. Melatonin has been shown to increase T3 and T4 levels.
Co Enzyme q10 200mg twice a day
• Omega-3 fatty acid (EPA/DHA) 500mg once per day
• Vitamin C 500mg once per day (Take in am)
• Vitamin E 200IU once per day
• L-arginine 1000mg twice per day
• Pycnogenol 100mg once per day
• Maca- 500-3000 mg a day
• Chasteberry- 400 to 500 mg a day (additionally, find a product that contains a standardized extract of agnuside (0.5%), the active ingredient in chasteberry).
• Vitamin D3- (after initial blood work to determine if you have a Vitamin D deficiency).- 8,000 IU’s per day in order to elevate levels above 40 ng/ml.
• Zinc- 25-50 mg per day
• Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis- 500mg /twice a day
• Evening Primrose Oil- 1500 – 3000 mg one to two times daily. CONTRAINDICATION: may cause uterine contractions so for those actively trying to conceive, it’s best to take it prior to ovulation and to stop once you’re about to ovulate.  You can then resume if menstruation occurs.


• Co Enzyme q10 200mg -three times a day
• Omega-3 fatty acid 500mg- once a day
• Vitamin C 1000mg-(Take once in am)
• Vitamin E 400IU- once a day
• L-arginine 1000mg- twice a day
• Pycnogenol 100mg- once a day
• Folic Acid 400mcg- once a day
• 1 Centrum with minerals- once a day

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