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Can taking an Acai Berry Supplement before an IVF really increase your chances for success?

Acai Berry and how it can jumpstart your Fertility


For those suffering through the painful journey of Infertility, every new breakthrough which promises a higher chance of success becomes a tiny beacon of hope and encouragement to continue on.  Even if this “experimental trial” only slightly raises the possibilities of a successful pregnancy, it offers the support and confidence to try something new in the hopes of attaining a different result.

What if, instead of just raising the chances for success a slight bit, this novel discovery shows measurably higher levels of success for those taking it?  Now, do I have your attention? Good!  Ever heard of the Antioxidant-rich, superfood, Acai Berry?  Originating from the rain forests of the Amazon, this indigenous berry is chock full of antioxidant properties which, studies have shown, can strengthen your immunity, suppress inflammation (providing relief to those suffering from arthritis, for example), provide promising anti-cancer cell regeneration, and yield outstanding results for those trying to become pregnant (either naturally or via an IVF).


The Antioxidant “hype” has been around for some time now, and we’ve all heard about the healing properties provided by taking Vitamin C or consuming other berries like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, etc. Guess what?  In recent studies, Acai berries top all of these in terms of providing potent Antioxidant qualities.  Antioxidants help to reduce the rate at which cellular damage occurs and lowers the harmful effects of the removal of electrons from the molecules in our bodies.  Antioxidants are, for this reason, important determinants of health in cells.

It is the oxidative process that is significantly important in the determination of egg quality and, for that reason, a woman’s fertility.  The egg is placed in a structure referred to as the follicle which contains a fluid.  One major characteristic of this fluid is that it contains a high percentage of antioxidants.  As the egg matures, it does so by being encased in this fluid which helps to protect the egg from the damaging effects of oxidation.  If the concentration of antioxidants is too low, poor egg quality is bound to be the result due to high rates of destruction as a result of this oxidation process.  On the flip side, provide your body with high doses of antioxidants to protect your egg follicle and the protective fluid and your chances for better egg quality increase exponentially.

What about your partner?  Doesn’t he have to also participate in more ways than one?  Studies have shown that antioxidants are particularly beneficial in the production of sperm in men. It’s, for this reason, important for men to consume meals that have a healthy dose of antioxidants in them.  It should be noted that sperm is highly sensitive to oxidation during their process of maturation which usually takes a minimum of three months.  Additionally, high levels of antioxidants in sperm help to increase sperm motility…a crucial indicator of fertility.


The Acai berry has now been discovered to contain these antioxidants in high quantities.  There are already studies being conducted in renowned institutions with significant results being published at regular intervals.  One such study, which was conducted at the clinic where I found my own success, the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM), showed that Acai berries could significantly improve the success rates of an IVF if begun at least 8-12 weeks before the IVF was to be performed.

The participants in the study were given a powerful antioxidant named OvaHealth, a natural antioxidant supplement trademarked and branded by CCRM’s own Fertility Labs of Colorado, LLC.  What did the results show? Of the 42 patients enrolled in the study (median age of 37 and with at least one failed IVF in each patient’s medical history), 81% of participants achieved ongoing clinical pregnancies!  Not only that, but the median outcome of eggs in terms of quality and quantity was exponentially higher! Whereas in the previous failed IVF’s median range, eggs retrieved totaled about 15.8 (with 8.1 being fertilized).  After undergoing the OvaHealth pre-treatment, eggs retrieved jumped up to a median count of 20.6 with 11.5 being fertilized).

Another fertility study which was conducted over several months,1 showed that the berries provided high recuperation powers for the eggs.  The results showed that fertility rates improved for those couples that took the Acai berries over the course of several months.  Researchers were surprised at the ability of the berries to quickly and potently replenish the egg’s energy reserves thus increasing their fertility.  Finally! A way to produce higher quality and higher quantity of viable eggs.

To further show the credibility of Acai berries as fertility boosters, they were studied and compared against other powerful forms of fertilization via natural processes.  Against CoQ10, the Acai berries were found to be better invigorators of fertility.  CoQ10 naturally occurs in the body, and when taken in concentrated forms, it has been found to reasonably boost fertilization. (Read our in-depth post detailing the rejuvenating power of CoQ10 as well).

However, Acai berries tend to have a higher concentration of antioxidants which are the substances that give CoQ10 much of its recuperative as well as its energizing qualities.  For this main reason, Acai berries represent a much more powerful alternative in the initiative to increasing fertility.


CCRM is currently conducting another clinical trial just as the one I’ve detailed here.  If interested, read more information here.

But what if you’re just interested in finding out in the dosage of Acai berries without going to CCRM?  Currently, the recommendation is that women should take Acai berries three times a day while in freeze-dried form.  In my search for the perfect Acai Berry supplement, I found one that not only is able to be mixed into delicious smoothies but also taken in spoonfuls as is (yes it takes a little getting used to…but think of the benefits!).

I recommend:

This is a great product! It’s Organic and in its purest raw form then freeze-dried to ensure its potency.

Remember that the process should begin at least 12 weeks before the IVF cycle begins so as to boost your chances of a successful IVF.  Ask your doctor right before undergoing IVF as to whether you should proceed with the supplement or not once your taking your stimulation drugs.  Aside from just before or during an IVF, Acai berries should be consumed regularly as its powerful antioxidant properties play a significant role in your current and future fertility!




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