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All You Need to Know About Dong Quai and its Impact on Fertility

Dong Quai is usually known as a stronger and more powerful tonifying herb used to increase female fertility.  It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and is considered synonymous to the effect ginseng has on men’s health.

Dong Quai has been used since the 1st century to alleviate infertility. Find out more about this powerful herb.

So how does it help Increase female fertility?

Infertility was not as common as it is now until the 20th century.   However, nowadays, it takes a healthy, fertile couple up to 18 months on average to successfully conceive.  If they are unsuccessful on their own, then couples have to make the difficult decision to consult with a fertility specialist and have to undergo an oftentimes painful and lengthy fertility evaluation and possible treatment.  Those couples who would rather opt to forgo this route for the time being and try adding a tried and true supplement to their diets may find success in the form of Dong Quai, which is commonly used as an herbal supplement.

If you’re one of these couples finding it hard to conceive or are actually undergoing fertility treatments, you can use Dong Quai to speed up the conceiving process.  It has been used since the first century and has many added benefits, such as:

  • Making the uterus healthier- eventually resulting in improved hormonal balance, uterine health and improved menstrual cycles.
  • Balancing hormones- In addition, it also improves the timely release of hormones.  As a natural uterine tonic aid, Dong Quai also improves and speeds up the blood flow rate in the uterus and is likely to increase the amount of red blood cells in the whole body.

Women having issues with such ailments as ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids often end up having severe complexities with conceiving and trying to become pregnant.  According to latest scientific research, Dong Quai efficiently acts to clear the congestion in the uterus and thus improves the blood flow level for the whole pelvic region.

As an antispasmodic, Dong Quai acts to ease your cramps and PMS through dilating blood vessels and thus boosting up its flow rate when you’re going through your cleansing period and it also assists in replenishing blood after you are done with your regular period.

In short, here is a summary of tasks Dong Quai is used for:

  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Absence of Menstruation or its delay
  • Less painful cramping during menstrual cycles
  • Makes the uterus stronger for efficient functioning
  • Improves PMS
  • Improves the health condition of women who have stopped taking birth control pills
  • Helping in regulating the menstrual cycle

Dong Quai is also used to treat menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopausal symptoms along with using it a blood purifier.

Other Important Benefits of Using Dong Quai

Helps Maintain Appropriate Estrogen Level

Don Quai acts as a gynecological regulator in order to maintain your estrogen level no matter if it’s too high or too low at the onset of taking it.

Acts as a Stronger Blood Tonic

Dong Quai is associated with excellent blood toning and nourishing impact as it provides the necessary vitamin and minerals.  Specifically, Dong Quai provides biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B-12 to the body which help in terms of increasing red blood cell production especially after an injury or surgery.

Acting Against Anemia and Deficiency

Dong Quai is one of the best sources of cobalt in your body as it increases the amount of hemoglobin present thusly improving its functions in the whole body as it carries oxygen to cells, which is one of the most important functions for human survival.

Improving Male Fertility

When it comes to using Dong Quai, gender does not matter.  As Dong Quai has ferulic acid in it which is known as an antioxidant, it helps improve the quality of your partner’s sperm.

Dong Quai Makes You Feel Happier and Energetic

Dong Quai lets you relax as a stress reliever and allows you to cope with your mood swings.  Basically, Dong Quai has a soothing impact upon your nervous system and thus motivates your mind to feeling relaxed and happy.

Using Dong Quai Efficiently

Physicians recommend that you should be taking Dong Quai in a liquid extracted form.  The daily dose of Dong Quai includes 30 drops and 2 times by pouring these drops in a little water.

Side Effects of Dong Quai

You should not be abusing Dong Quai just to get its benefits in the minimum possible time period as it can also have its side effects if abused or taken incorrectly.

  • Don’t use it when you are pregnant just to stimulate functionality of your uterus
  • Don’t take it during your menstrual cycle as it can increase the blood flow
  • Don’t use it when you have diarrhea or excessive blood flow during menstruation and when you’re suffering from hemorrhagic diseases
  • If you are going through a surgery, you need to stop taking Dong Quai two weeks before your date of surgery

Dong Quai can be an excellent addition to your daily supplementation intake.  However, as with any of our suggestions, you should consult with your doctor prior to starting any new regimen.

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