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A new IVF treatment breakthrough is promising a higher IVF success rate- Part Two in our Three part Series

In Part One of our Series, we explored the company Ovascience and their breakthrough, yet to be released, infertility treatment called OvaTure.  Now let’s discuss in detail another one of Ovascience’s soon to be released treatments, OvaPrime.

OvaPrime- a revolutionary new treatment promising a higher yield of eggs

Just like, OvaTure which is still in its final developmental stages, OvaPrime has entered into its clinical trial studies working with an IVF clinic outside of the United States.  Its findings when administered to test patients will be released at the commencement of 2016. Like I mentioned in Part One, the U.S.’s FDA lags behind in allowing cutting edge clinical trials and treatments to be utilized here.  For those fortunate readers residing outside the United States, OvaPrime could be located at a clinic near you in the soon-to-be future.

What’s the theory behind OvaPrime

By their own words, “the OvaPrime treatment is a potential fertility treatment that could enable a woman to increase her egg reserve.  Approximately 25 percent of women who seek IVF treatment do not make enough or any eggs and therefore are not candidates for IVF.  The OvaPrime treatment is designed to transfer a patient’s egg precursor (EggPCSM) cells, immature egg cells found inside the protective ovarian lining, to the patient’s ovaries, where they may mature into fertilizable eggs during a standard IVF process”.

What does this mean? In essence, these immature egg stem cells located within a woman’s ovarian lining would be augmented to the woman’s own ovaries, which would act like a catalyst to finally producing higher quality and a much larger quantity of eggs than she’s ever had before.

This procedure differs from the OvaTure treatment in that OvaPrime would work hand-in-hand with the hormones administered during an IVF.  Yes, the patient would have to undergo an IVF but with all hope, it would be the last one she’d ever have to undergo.

As more news of OvaPrime occurs, we’ll keep you posted.

In Part Three in our Series, we discuss the Augment Treatment.


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