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A new IVF treatment breakthrough is promising a higher IVF success rate- Part Three in our Three part Series

In Parts One and Two of our Series, we discussed in detail Ovascience’s soon to be released fertility treatments, OvaTure and OvaPrime.

Now, it’s wonderful when we see science progressing towards finding a cure for our Infertility but wouldn’t it be better if we could reap the benefits of these advances now and not in the future?

Let me present to you the…

Ovascience's Augment Treatment

Unlike the previous two fertility treatments still in the final stages of development and clinical studies, the Augment Treatment is currently being used in select IVF clinics around the world.  For a link to more information and the clinics currently offering the Augment Treatment, click here.

Unfortunately, if you’ve read the previous two articles, you’ll know that this treatment is not currently being offered in the United States.  Hopefully, once the FDA decides to give this cutting edge treatment its approval, infertile couples here at home might also begin to benefit such as this couple from Canada currently enjoying their now 1 year old son.  Watch:

Now, this treatment is a completely different approach to a traditional IVF.  To start with, the Augment treatment works by removing stem cells through a laparoscopic procedure before even commencing an IVF.  Treatment usually takes a few months to complete as opposed to a traditional IVF which usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.  Quite a difference in its approach and procedure.  Watch the following informational video from Ovascience:

What exciting news! You can’t imagine how many RE doctors tell you that there’s nothing to be done to improve the mitochondria in your eggs and that as we age, they just slow down immensely or stop working all together which results in poor quality eggs that don’t fertilize well or at all during an IVF .  These failed attempts really can take a heavy toll on your body, your spirit and your finances, not to mention your relationships, especially with your partner.

To know that there are other options to explore (even if they require treatment far away from home), offers us the hope to continue on our journey.





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